What to wear to your Fancy Dress Party?

Every girl wants to look FAB for her birthday night out! But when it comes to fancy dress, all the normal rules of party dressing go out of the window... But Don't Panic!

There are ways to make sure that you get the right outfit for your girly night out! Simply follow our little tips below to make sure that you dress appropriately for the event:

No. 1) Have you been given a theme?

If so, this should point you in the right direction. From there, all you need to do is decide how much you want to get involved... A few simple fancy dress accessories? Or for the brave fancy dress lovers, probably a full on costume is required! Now think about what kind of look do you want to go for. Humorous (eg oversized, inflatable, outrageous) Trendy (whats en vogue right now?) or Sexy (easy on the eye!)

No theme?? Oh oh! Why not take a browse of Girly Night Out for inspiration? We aim to keep up with the latest fancy dress trends and only provide the most fashionable outfits!

No. 2) What are you friends wearing?

Everyone hates that awkward moment just before you enter a fancy dress party where you suddenly start to doubt what you are wearing... Was it all a wind up between your friends? Are they all going to jump out and laugh at you in hysterics when you are the only one that turns up in fancy dress?? EEK!

If you are not sure, why not team up with one of your pals and wear matching outfits? Couples fancy dress costumes create twice the impact! Why not go for His and Hers costumes with our Official Where's Wally Fancy Dress Costumes? Or pick a famous duo like Bill and Ben (the flower pot men!!)

No.3) Where will the event be held?

If it's in a muddy field as part of your Festival Fancy Dress, then you may want to think about the weather and most importantly, your footwear. So, Cinderella never wore wellies, but she did lose one of her shoes just walking down stairs, never mind trying to deal with wind, rain and mud!!

No. 4) Will there be very young or very old family members there?

If so, you may want to think twice about wearing that super short, uber low cut sexy mini dress!

If you're worried about baring too much flesh, why not wear a pair of disco leggings? These can easily be incorporated into most fancy dress outfits. Wear under a neon tutu for 80s fancy dress or with a long vest top if you're worried about showing any wobbly bits!

No. 5) Think about what you have planned for the next day...

If you have a very important job interview lined up, then possibly covering yourself in blue face paint to be a Smurf, won't be the best idea...

And Finally, HAVE FUN!!

Love the Girly Night Scout XOXO

"Always on the hunt for your girly night out essentials"

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