What's On Netflix: What We're Watching This Month!

January. It's grey, it's cold, we're all poor (one day to go till pay day though, stay strong people!) so it's no wonder that we all turn to the one thing we can all count on. It's there for us no matter what, unconditionally and makes us feel all warm inside - no not a puppy, although you can get us one of those too if you want, no, it's the wonderful Netflix.

When we first heard the phrase 'Netflix and Chill' we couldn't think of anything greater (until we realised what it actually meant...). Just us, the sofa, snacks and unlimited binging on TV and films, ahh heaven. But things went to a whole new level when Netflix started to produce their own content, and now production companies are even choosing the platform to premier their films (with HUGE stars in!). Gone are the days of nipping to Blockbuster on a Friday night, hoping you made it in time to get the last copy of 'She's All That', casually bumping the 11 year old girl out of the way (it's YOUR video). Now you don't even have to leave your house (and they wonder why us Millennials are having issues...), you can get in, de-stress and plan an evening of fabulous viewing!

Over the past few months, certain Netflix programmes have gone big time viral. From 2017's 'Making A Murderer' (don't even get us started!), to the latest freaky film 'Bird Box' (can't even watch), there seems to be more amazing things to watch than ever before! With soooo many things on there, we thought we'd take our own advice and let you know what the ROR office has been watching!

Netflix Quote Sweatshirt from Rock On Ruby

What Have Team ROR Been Watching

Holly (boss lady and Netlix expert) - "My Netflix fave is currently YOU. It not actually a fave as it’s pretty weird and creepy... but it’s really gripping and we NEED to know what happens next (no spoilers please!!)"

Graham (boss man and linguistic genius!) - "Mine has to be Narcos! I like it as its a true story I like to think I'm learning the lingo (Spanish) whilst watching!"

Lauren - "Making A Murderer Season Two, orrrr the classic Gilmore Girls! The first one, because it's the most fascinating true story, that will make you feel so many emotions (mainly anger) and will totes make you want to stand up and say "objection!" whenever you think someone is wrong. The second, because the GG make you feel all warm and cosy inside no matter what the day, time or occasion - the perfect programme to put on in the background!"

Netflix Quote Sweatshirt from Rock On Ruby

Some other faves you have to check out are;

Fyre, The Ted Bundy Tapes, Sex Education, Riverdale, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo (you'll be addicted!).

So sit back, get a cuppa and settle down to some good TV!

Let us know what you're watching in the comments below!

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