What's On: Stranger Things Season 2!

If you're anything like us, then you've been counting down the days until this 80s inspired spooky series is back in your life. It's been a long year (or few weeks if you were late to the party like me and watched it all in a weekend last month!) but it's now just a few short hours before Netflix premiers Stranger Things Season 2.

This nostalgic trip down memory lane immediately gained cult status do to it's subtle mix of all the things we love about scary goings on. If you've not seen the hit show; think The Goonies mixed with ET with all the wholesome 80s American culture we loved when we were younger. ST season one focuses on the mystery of missing Will Byers. With hints of something not quite right with the local research lab and the introduction of shaved headed new girl, Eleven; Will's friends want answers! I won't spoil it for you, but let's just say there's a mysterious creature, several murders and it turn out Eleven has psychokinesis!

It's back in our life for Halloween weekend (anyone would think they planned it!?) an we can't wait to get to binge this spooky weekend! If you're staying in and snuggling up, or going out to slay all night, we have the perfect collection for you! Shop the Halloween sassy slogans here!

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