Wheres Wally?! Here on Girlynightout!

Yes, the search for Where's Wally begins... Our fun and funky Wally Girl Costumes have arrived!!


You´ve seen them in our Behind the Scenes Video and now you can create the look for yourselves!

A great Fancy Dress for festivals, Hen Parties, Birthdays or just a normal (!) Girlynightout! There´s a Wally Girl Fancy Dress look for every personality - which look will you wear?! All items shown are available in our Wally Girl Costume sectio

Wally Girl Fancy Dress Funky

This Wally Girl is looking for a good time and is totally ready to hit the Clubs in her Red and White Fluffies! Get on the podium Wally Girls!

Wally Girl Costume Funky


Wally Girl Costume Classic

The original look inspired by Wheres Wally himself! Red, White and Blue with some good old Geek Specs - what´s not to love!?

Wally Girl Fancy Dress Sexy

This little Wally will definitely stand out in a crowd... Sexy stripes, red hot Over the Knee Socks and some Wally Glasses to help you spot your Wally Man in a crowd!

Wally Girl Costume Cool

Is this Wally Girl Costume too cool for you?! Just add a funky Red Head and Neck Scarf to your Fancy Dress - oooh cool as a cucumber,

Wally Girl Costume Cute

Aww! Who would have thought that a little Wally could look so cute!? Simply wear a fun Wally Hat with your stripey vest top and off you pop!

,Wally Girl Fancy Dress Girly

Just add a gorgeously girly head and neck scarf to your Wally Girl Fancy Dress for that super girly look! Ooh those Wallys won´t know where to loook when you look this sweet!

Where´s My Wally??

Say it loud and proud by wearing it on your Tshirt!! Create your own Wally themed Printed T shirts we love ideas like "I am a Wally" and "Where´s my Wally?... Let everyone know you´re just a big Wally at heart then complete your look with red and white striped accessories! ,

Shop the Look now by heading over to our Wally Girl Costume Section!

Have Fun Wally girls! And if you´re looking for a great couples fancy dress, why not get your other half to dress up in the official Wheres Wally Costume? Available now on our Lads Night Out fancy dress section!

Lots of love Wallies! xx

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