Where's Wally in Newquay

We´ve already spotted Where´s Wally in Manchester and now Wally has hit the caravans of Newquay....
How it all began.... A group of gorgeous girls and guys decided it would be great to go on holiday for a long weekend, their destination? Newquay.

Coincidentally whilst they were topping up their tans in Newquay it was one of the girls birthdays! And with the surname Whalley...... what better theme to choose than Where´s Wally fancy dress?!)

Where´s Wally Fancy Dress / Wally Costumes
The group got dressed up in our Wally Girl Costumes and Men´s Wally Fancy Dress as a surprise for her. (Aw!) Of course the gang had a Wally Costume for her too, plus a super big Wally badge.... The very surprised Birthday Girl:

The lovely Daniel Bandy sent in these hilarious pics of the Wallys partying the night away.... Which one is he? The handsome one of course!!!! Hehe! Here´s Daniel in his full Wally Costume (on the left looking fine and sipping wine!)

We asked Daniel if he had any wise words for other peeps that are considering a Where´s Wally Fancy Dress night out: "Tips.... Just go for it! wear the outfit with pride, even try to get your hair like Wally. You end up getting more attention especially when your in a big group (of 11) like ours. It´s soooo easy to find your group at the bar / on the dance floor when you are all dressed up like that. We certainly made an impression with people... someone said we made their night! The bouncers let us back into the same place too even though we didn´t get stamped.... he said something along the lines of not being able to forget us! We just did our own thing and had a right party!"

If you like the look of these Wallys then get your own Where´s Wally Fancy Dress!! Take a look at our fab Wally Girl Costumes and lads, don´t feel left out, there are Men´s Wally Costumes too!

Happy Shopping

Love The Girls xx

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