Wheres Wally Tattoo - Can you find him?!

Forget the ´I Luv Mum´ tattoos... This guy is now a walking version of the lovable character Where´s Wally!
Music producer John Mosley aged 22, sat patiently for a whole 24 HOURS (!) while tattooist Rytch Soddy created a typical scene from the Wheres Wally books. The tattoo features 150 characters with the allusive Wheres Wally hiding among them....

The clever tattoo was created in a studio in Norwich and raised a whopping ?2,000 for charity! John decided on the stripy-shirted children´s character due to his love for the Where´s Wally books which feature pictures of the Wally hidden in unusual settings.

John said: ´It will be a talking point for years to come. People will able to look at my back and have fun searching around for Wally. I can´t think of anyone who doesn´t love the Where´s Wally books and I am delighted to be a living version of one.

Tattooist Rytch, worked on the tattoo solidly for 24 hours with only a two minute break every hour for him and John to stretch their legs. The finished Wheres Wally tattoo features a mixture of characters in normal dress as well as historic and fantasy figures like Pirates, a caveman, cowboys and Star Wars characters But of course the hilight of the image is Wally, pictured with his distinctive glasses, red and white striped top, bobble hat and blue trousers!

Could you find him?!

(The Answer: Wally is standing behind three women in bathing costumes!)

At 6ft 5ins tall John has a pretty big back! But luckily he thinks Rytch did a brilliant job filling it up with so many interesting things.... When talking about the actual process John said: ´It was quite painful having needles going in and out of me for 24 hours - but the hardest part was sitting still for so long. I still have not seen the finished result so I don´t actually know where Wally is on my back. Everyone says he is not too difficult to find.´

Rytch who has been a tattooist for 13 years, agreed to do the tattoo in order to raise money for the Great Ormond Street Children´s Hospital in London which saved his life when he was younger. Rytch said: ´It is the longest tattoo that I have ever completed in terms of the time taken. It was certainly more fun than the average tattoo and I am really pleased with it. We borrowed a couple of Where´s Wally book s from the library and looked on the internet for some examples for inspiration. I told John that I would be tattooing Wally last of all, but then I realised he would know where he was so I did him about 20 minutes from the end.´

Love The Girls x

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