Where's Wally?? They've Found him!

Wally Girl CostumeFor years, children and adults alike have been searching for the infamously camera shy Wally, now we can reveal he has been found!!

Google Street View announced that a man dressed as Wally (in an outfit almost as good as one of ours!) was hidden somewhere in the online world that is Street View....

Within hours, web users launched an online hunt to track down Wally and his stripey red-and-white jumper! The search included trawling through tens of millions of images that have been captured by Google´s camera cars since last summer.

Wally was eventually located by those clever people on the Google Sightseeing team! They revealed on Twitter that Wally could be found on Putney High Street:

"Wally was tracked to Putney High Street in south-west London, where he can be seen standing outside an O2 phone shop, waving at the camera car as it passes by."

Why not see if you can spot him yourself?!

Get your very own Wally girl costume from our Fancy Dress section - with stripey vest tops, socks and glasses you´ll be Wally-tastic (and totally ready for that Google Street Cam if it re-appears!)

Love, The Girls xx
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