Where's Wally World Record 2011

 You´d have to be a real Wally to miss the popular character Where´s Wally in this video!!

Thousands of people gathered in Dublin this week to beat the world record for the most amount of Wallys in one place....

All dressed in red and white striped tshirts and bobble hats, all those involved had to make a real effort to make sure that they got the record!

 The event was master minded by a group of street performers who try and come up with different ways to make records!

3657 people turned up to the square in Dublin and despite poor weather it looks like they had a great time! All money raised from the stunt went to the Africa Aware charity.

Where´s Wally was created by a British illustrator in 1987 and over 20 years later, the character is still as popular as ever!

We are big fans of Wally here and have recreated our very own Wally style fancy dress costumes for you to enjoy!

Wally Girl Costumes on www.­girlynightout.­co.­uk

What kind of Wally will you be??

Cool, Funky, Sexy, Cute?! Simply choose your favourite look and stand out from the crowd!

We love to see our fancy dress in action, so feel free to send us any pictures or videos of you in your fancy dress!

New items are regularly added to our site and we constantly look for ways to make our costumes fresh and exciting. If you don´t see what you´re looking for, just ask!

Have fun girls! xx

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