Which Wedding Item Suits You Best?

Weddings are back! Who else is buzzing?! This year we expanded our wedding range and it's so exciting seeing all these new products finally heading out of our office. I decided to make some wedding inspo mood boards (because even if you're not getting married it's still fun to look at) and match up our products with each vibe!

So, pick your fave wedding aesthetic and we'll suggest some sassy products to match your vibe!

elegant timeless wedding inspiration moodboard

It's classic and timeless. This look is super elegant with muted tones that really let you be the star of the show. You just can't go wrong with this style!

You might like...


                Satin Bride Pyjamas                            Floral Bride Sweatshirt                            The Bride Sweatshirt

retro modern glam city neon wedding inspiration moodboard

You're obvs not afraid to be bold! Taking inspo from the 60s and 70s but giving it a bold modern twist means the more colour and sparkle the better!

You might like...


               Pearl wifey t-shirt                                   Best Party Ever T-Shirt                         Babe of Honour Make Up Bag

rock n roll wedding inspiration moodboard

Rock n roll will never go out of style! Whether you go all out and get on your leather jacket with guitar in hand or just add subtle touches throughout your day, this look is sure to be remembered!

You might like...

             White Wedding T-Shirt                          Rock N Roll Bride T-Shirt                      Let's Rock N Roll T-Shirt

Which other Wedding Inspiration styles would you like to see?

Bethan ROR


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