Who to Follow this Second Hand September

Second hand September is with us again! It feels like just a couple months ago I was writing a blog post on all my charity shopping tips - click here if you missed it. Time really is flying at the moment! So if anything, this would be the perfect year to join second hand September! It'll fly by! Even if you don't go all the way, just thinking about your shopping habits and where you shop is the first step. So scroll down for your starting point!

5 instagram influencer accounts to follow this second hand September to fight against fast fashion

Anyway, if you don't know, Oxfam started this movement to help push the battle against fast fashion. For the entire month of September you only buy second hand clothing and donate your pre loved items for someone else to find! Fast fashion causes a ridiculous amount of waste as well as creates awful working conditions due to the low cost of the products. We can all do our part to stop this happening and every little helps.

So, to help you on your journey against fast fashion... ­Here's 5 accounts to follow on instagram!


This account is absolutely stocked FULL of all the info you need when it comes to second hand and sustainable fashion - from greenwashing, to environmental issues, to tips on how to charity shop like a pro! The graphics are also super cute.

ssustainably_ ethical fashion instagram post


Similar to the account above, this is full of really helpful info on brands and the fashion industry and how you can get over that hard to shake fast fashion addiction.


Sophie is a journalist who regularly shares her articles to insta - and they are deffo worth a read!


If you're looking for second hand fashion inspo, Becky's account is for you! She's been fast fashion free since 2018 and the majority of her outfits are second hand.


If you ever want to find some new sustainable and ethical clothing brands to buy from, take a look through Izzy's colourful feed!

Will you be taking part in second hand September?!

Bethan ROR xx

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