Who Would you Snog Marry Or Avoid?!

If you´ve ever taken our Male Rating Cards out with you on your Girly Night Out, you´ll know how easy it is to spot a Hottie that you´d snog, the drunken perv you should avoid... and the total Love God that you would instantly marry and take home to meet the rents... (If Only!)

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Male Rating Cards £1.99 on Girly Night Out

If you´ve ever seen the TV show Snog, Marry or Avoid, you´ll know that this is exactly how the programme works (minus the game cards!)

TV producers, Endemol, have recently contacted us to help them find people who have their own unique style and eye-catching look. to take part in the next series.... The Snog, Marry Avoid Team will be offering a ´make under´ to participants where they will get the chance to see how they would look in a more natural light - and all with the help of their own personal stylist! (Not bad really!)

If you know someone that loves to stand out from the crowd, then we want to hear from them! Or... why not nominate a pal? If you´re dying to see your BFF minus the fake lashes, hair, nails, tan, bling etc etc then now is your chance!!

Email holly@girlynightout.co.uk and we´ll put you in touch with the peeps at Remarkable Television, or see below on how to contact Endemol directly:

Snog Marry Avoid

Don´t delay - The closing date is 15 April 2012!

Love The Girls xx

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