Why BFFs Are The BEST!

Tomorrow is 'National Best Friend Day'! To celebrate, we wanted to let our besties know just why they're so important to us. We may not be related, but friends are the family we choose (awww) and we think think they should be told just how much we love them! Here are just a few reasons why we think BFFs ROCK!

They Make Us Feel Amazing - They always tell us how amazing they think we are. Even when we're in our PJs, having a melt down over what to wear on a night out (jeans and a nice top obvs). They reassure us and make us feel ready to face the world!

They Get Into Trouble With Us - What's the point in having a BFF if you can't do naughty things together (sorry mum and dad, totally filled your vodka bottle with water in 2007). We may have crazy ideas, but the best way to go through with them is with your bestie by your side!

They're With Us Through Thick And Thin -  We may be broke, hormonal, short tempered (we sound awesome right!?) but they are with us no matter what! Best Friends FOREVER!

We Can Be Be Ourselves With Them - Okay, so we like to judge people, be a little bitchy sometimes - but our besties know we're lovely deep down, and even better, they join in with us!

Girls Before Guys! - I mean, it's obvs an unwritten rule that your bestie is way more important than some stupid boy (shout out to my hubby!). But in all seriousness, your girls are always going to be there to pick you up after a bad date, silly row or just when you need time out from your BF, she'll always be there.

They Face Life With You - Life my throw some big curve balls your way, but she's got your back. Adulting is rubbish, but with them by your side, you know you got this!

You Always Make Up - Of course you argue, best friends do. But you know you will always make up as you can't live without them!

They're Your World - You may go weeks without speaking, you may live 100s of miles apart, but you know when you see them, it will be as if no time has passed - they got you!

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