Why We Should All Celebrate Earth Day

Love Your planet Earth Day T-shirt from Rock On Ruby

What is Earth Day anyway??

Earth Day might seem like a fairly new movement, but it actually started back in 1970 (Nice historical fact for you there!) when people from lots of countries took to the streets to protest against the rising smog, pesticides and pollution that were filling the air from 180 years of industrial development.

Nowadays, Earth day is now about much more than just pollution. In fact, we may as well call it 'David Attenborough day', as it also looks at biodiversity, recycling, deforestation, the ocean and much, much more.

It gives everyone a chance to participate in something that they are conscious about or have a real passion for.

What are you supposed to do on Earth Day though?

Earth day acts as a reminder that we NEED to make changes to the way we currently live in order to promote a clean, healthy and sustainable world - for Humans & animals alike. 

Here at ROR HQ, we have been making a conscious effort to reduce our Carbon Footprint where possible. It is actually quite amazing how much stuff we get sent in plastic bags and cardboard boxes, that are delivered in petrol/diesel vehicles, that may have come on a boat or plane into the country, that were made in factories, which spew out carbon!

When you actually think about the journey and how much CO2 we probably contribute into the atmosphere, it can be quite shocking!

Love Your Planet Organic Cotton T-shirt from Rock On Ruby for Earth Day

A couple of changes that we have made are:
  1. Ordering things like Stock / Supplies in bulk. This reduces the amount of plastic / packaging / deliveries that need to be made to fulfill our orders.
  2. Moving our Manufacturing. Our T-shirts are now made from GORGEOUS organic cotton T-shirts and produced in factories that are powered by GREEN renewable energy, from low-impact raw materials, which = 90% Reduced Carbon Footprint
One of the most recent transitions we made internally was to swap our plastic bag packaging for our clothing & accessory items over to paper.

In the last year alone, we have now stopped around 42,000 plastic bags from being distributed into the environment.

We are just a small business in the grand scale of things, so imagine if every business was able to do the same thing?

Anything from swapping plastic straws to paper, or having milk back in glass bottles, would help to create a big change in how much waste ends up in landfills, the sea and floating around our streets.

We've been sharing some sassy l'il sustainable facts on our instagram feed this week to show the changes we're making and the impact this is having.

Love Your Planet Organic Cotton T-shirt from Rock On Ruby for Earth Day

Whilst on the 'gram, another brand that we've spotted raising awareness of their recycling activities is ADIDAS. If you haven’t seen the new Adidas advert featuring the super cool Willow Smith, then make sure you check it out! It is all about recycling plastic into shoes. Great to see bigger brands jumping on board and looking to make a difference.

We would love to hear what you are doing this earth day, or of any other brands / people that are making a change. Tag us on instagram with the hashtag #ROREarthDay.

Let us know and have a great Earth Day! Love ROR x

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