Witch Costumes? They're Flying Out!

The Witching Hour is almost upon us!! Witch Costume

With less than 20 days until Halloween, it´s time to get your Halloween Costume sorted! One of the most popular choices for Halloween has to be a sexy Witch Costume!

Get the look with one of our Witches Costumes (as modelled by the lovely team in our office here!!). Our Top Seller is the Dark Witch costume; this includes a Black 7- layer Tutu and saucy long black gloves - it´s spellbinding!

Get in the mood for Halloween with our Top 10 ´Bewitching´ Movies....

1) Hocus Pocus - See Sarah Jessica Parker in action pre-Sex In The City! 2) Witches of Eastwick - Watching music legend Cher act is scary enough for us... 3) Blair Witch Project - It´s scary because it´s true. Fact. 4) Harry Potter Movies - Wizards are just Male Witches, right?! 5) The Craft - Dark, spooky movie about Teenagers and Black Magic - definitely no Sabrina The Teenage Witch here! 6) Practical Magic - Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman are gorgeous but cursed in this Film... 7) The Witches - Yes it´s a kids film, but that Head Witch is SCARY!! 8) Stardust - A film where Sienna Miller actually acts?! Scary! 9) I Married A Witch - It´s golden oldie! 10) Hocus Pocus - (Sorry! We just love it!)

Don´t forget to get your Witches Hat from our Witch Costumes and Accessories section!

Happy Halloween...

Love, The Girls xxx
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