Work Out In Style With Sasstastic Slogan Activewear!

We hate to be cliche, but January really is the month to get things done. Set goals, get rid of negativity and to basically concentrate on how you can make yourself happier. Part of that can be looking after your body. We're not ones for fad diets, new gym memberships (that we totes neglect after Feb) or any activity that makes us feel worse, BUT...we are totally up for getting more active, having fun and MOST importantly, looking next level SASSY. Enter our slogan active wear range!!! We believe the next best thing to actually doing something good for your body, is obviously looking amazing whilst doing said activities. As you know, we like a bit of fun when it comes to our clothing and accessories. A little pun, a small alcohol reference for good measure and of course we want them to look incre­dib­bblllleeeee. So, with that in mind; we've pulled together our fave pieces from our gym range - we know you'll LOVE, so get scrolling and get shopping!

Gym First Gin Later Sweater           Gym First Gin Later Vest 

Who can miss the fact that 'gym' sounds very similar to 'gin', which happens to be one of our favourite word. It also works as a great motivation for getting a sweat on! Perfect to make people smile whilst they're burning off all that Christmas food!

Gym First Gin Later Tote Bag              Gym Check List Hoodie

You can also use our pun filled slogan tote bag, which is the perfect thing to carry all your gym needs (headphones, water, make up, phone for selfies obvs). It's also great for creating the illusion you're going to the gym...even when you're off shopping (top tip!).

We thought we'd create some slogans that double up as a handy reminder too. Introducing our Gym Checklist Hoodie! Snuggly, warm; the perfect thing for throwing on after working out! And on the back is a very accurate list of things you have to do at the gym, including the first and most important thing...­checking in on FB!

Personalised Gym Vest                  Personalised Gym Pants 

Personalisation is our thangggg and so we of course had to incorporate it into our work out wear! We're still obsessed with our incredible embroidery machine, so got it to good use on our slim line, super cool, super comfy and incredibly flattering new gym vests and pants - YAS!

Who Run The World Vest Top                  Just Working Out Vest Top

In the worlds of Queen Bey - "who run the world?" GIRLS. We also totally own the gym, and now you can let everyone know with our slogan gym vests! Our cheeky, yet subtle tops are perfect to pair down with our personalised pants, to make sure you look sophisticated and chic whilst working up a sweat! I mean, what is more chic than airing our thoughts on working out just how many calories we have to burn to eat the Nando's later...

Gym First Gin Later Water Bottle                    Post Gym Face Hoodie 

You can NEVER have enough gym water bottles. Fact. Especially when you can match it to your vest and tote! Join the gin club and go all out with the perfect gym accessory!

Our post gym face hoodie is what you need when you want the world to know you've just worked out (even when you've just popped to Asda!). The master that is Dom & Ink has illustrated the EXACT look of how wonderful you feel after a good work out and we couldn't love it more!

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