X Factor Winners Song Revealed...?

This weekend will be the Semi-final of the X Factor 2011 and this years Winners song has already been revealed...

Apparently the song (which is one of three songs being considered) has already been recorded by the four remaining acts: Misha B, Amelia, Marcus and Little Mix.

It was rumoured that Gary Barlow would write the winner´s song - which sounds like a fab idea if you ask us! Gary also wrote Matt Cardle´s latest single, Run for your Life, which reached no. 6 in the Chart. A respectable chart position but it´s no No.1!

Maybe that´s why the Winners song is now rumoured to be....

Damien Rice´s ´Cannonball´

The song is a little bit different than those normally chosen by the remaining contestants on the show. A gorgeous tune, Damien Rice´s version of the song reached no. 19 in the charts in 2004... It will be interesting to see where it gets with one of the X Factor acts behind it.

Here at Girly Night Out HQ, we´re voting for the Girls!

We love Little Mix´s quirky style and sound. Whether they´re rocking neon accessories or funky dresses, they always look Fab!

Love The Girls xx
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