Your perfect Self Care Evening

England are back in another lockdown. It needs to be done, but it doesn't mean we're looking forward to it. The last lockdown was hard enough, but this time the days are shorter and the weather is sure to be worse. But, it's only for a month - we lasted much longer than that last time! And this time, we know what we're going into and what helped us through previously. I don't know about you, but for me a little self care goes a long way. So, next time you're feeling the lockdown stress or 2020 anxiety, just make your way through this short list to give yourself the perfect, calming evening of full of self care and relaxation.

how to relax and treat yourself during lockdown 2020

Take a bath or shower

Run yourself a fancy bubbly bath with candles galore. TikTok account @bathbabe has some seriously enviable baths and will give you all the inspo you need! Grab yourself a cup of tea (or a glass of wine)  and have a soak. If you don't have a bath - or are just more of a shower person - bathbabe also made a video on this! I love the idea of hanging eucalyptus in the shower! Once you're out, put on your cosiest pjs - I'm also a big dressing gown fan.

Sort the lightning out

Sounds like an odd one, but I just can't relax if I've got the main light on. That's for when you're doing work or cleaning or something along those lines. That's not for relaxing. Turn on a lamp. Light a candle. It's just so much cosier!

Face mask

I love a face mask. I have no idea whether they actually do anything for my skin, but I feel like I'm living out my 2000s romcom fantasy so I'm going to carry on doing it. You could even go a step further and get a hair mask in.

13 going on 30

Think 13 going on 30 vibes


do you nails. I am the type of person who becomes blind the the unbelievably chipped nail varnish that I have on. Doing my nails definitely makes me feel fancier. Plus, it's a great excuse to just sit and do nothing - because god forbid I smudge this nail that I have just painted again for the 5th time. Even if nail varnish isn't for you, filing and buffing them can make such a difference to look at.

Get something good on the TV

Get you favourite film or tv programme on. No one cares if you've already seen it 20 times - if it makes you feel good, get it on! I actually made a post about some of my own fave female lead films if you're looking for some inspiration - just click here to see that. Another series I've fallen in love with recently is the Queens Gambit over on Netflix - so 10/10 recommend that if you're stuck on what to watch!

Don't feel guilty about eating those snacks.

There's been a lot of talk about gaining weight over the last lockdown. Who cares. As long as you're staying healthy, treat yourself. Go get those chocolate orange buttons, or that big bag of popcorn. You are having a night for yourself and honestly what kind of night would that be without some snacks.

So, when are you having your night of self care?

Bethan ROR


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