Blue Monday...

Yes, unbelievably it IS still January... Has this been THE longest month ever?!
Well, don´t worry if you´re feeling a bit glum today as this Monday (the third monday of January) is officially Blue Monday! So now there is an official, scientific reason for feeling fed up at the start of the week.
Neon Wear and Accessories - Neon Blue tutu
We´ve put together the top reasons for feeling gloomy and how to beat those January blues:
 - Pay Day still seems far far away...

It seems like a life time ago when you were rummaging through gorgeous gifts under the Christmas Tree and you were partying every night of the Christmas Holidays! Now you´re poor, possibly still hungover and pay day hasn´t arrived yet?! What to do, what to do??

Well don´t worry! You can still browse through Girly Night Out and make a wish list of all the goodies you want to buy for your next night out! All items will stay saved in your basket until you choose to remove them - so you can show your girls!

Plus if you´re bored, our Blog is updated daily so don´t forget to check it out...

 - The Weather

It´s dark and grey and miserable in the mornings, plus you reeeally don´t want to get out of bed to painfully try and defrost your car with your credit card... But don´t worry!! With Girly Night Out you can shop online and receive it the very next working day! Shop from the comfort of your own bed.

- Feeling de-motivated and "need to take action"?

Make a point of having a monthly (or weekly!) Girly Night Out! There´s nothing better than shaking off your blues on the dance floor!

If you´re on a health kick why not sign up to a gym class with your girls?? Our Neon Sweat bands and accessories will make sure you look fab whilst keeping fit at the gym! And if you´re trying to watch the pennies why not split the cost of a Fitness DVD with your pals and get fit in your front room!
If you´ve got the January Blues then we´ve got the accessories to suit your mood!

Get Blue!

Love, The Girls xx

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