Festival Make Up

Easter is over, the sun is out (some of the time!) and Cochella has begun; yup it's well and truly festival season! With countless festivals happening all over the UK this year, we thought it was the right time to get you prepared and make sure you are the festvial queen this season! Starting with probably the most important accessory (your face obvs) we've got together the 3 biggest make up trends that you NEED to be rocking!

All about the eyes - SS17 is all about showing off your features, specifically your eyes! Statement eyes were seen all over the catwalks last year, so naturally the fashionistas have adapted this to ensure a fabulous festival look! Highlighting your eyes with patterns, bold eyeshadow and of course lots of glitter will make you an instant instagram hit! Make sure you stick to the forehead or just under your eyes for maximum effect!


Colour, colour and more colour! - Yup, you guessed it; colour (literally ALL the colours) is a massive trend this festival season. The more the better! Hair, eyes, lips, nails - magical unicorn is obviously the biggest inspiration right now! With bindis, jewellery and lots and lots of hair dye; you can turn heads without using a filter.

Highlighter (and lots of it!) - Oh highlighter, you wonderful, magical thing! It's been a fave for us girls for years, but this year it's reached new limits. We're talking highlighter to rival that of Edward Cullen (is Twilight still referenceable!?). Not just the subtle bridge of your nose/­cheekbones; oh no, we're talking EVERYWHERE. Make yourself glow and finish the look with more glitter, colour and face paint; perfection.

So what have we learnt about this season festival make up trends? The more the better! Brighter, bolder and louder than ever before - GO BIG OR GO HOME!

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