Girly Night Out Dresses Layla Flaherty for Liverpool Pride!

When we see a cry for fancy dress help, we can't help but respond...

So when we saw on Twitter that Layla Flaherty (of Desperate Scousewives fame) was in need of a sexy Superhero costume, we jumped at the chance to rescue her from her fancy dress fix. Yes, sadly many fancy dress costumes can make us the victim of unflattering, shapeless outfits. But here at Girly Night Out we pride ourselves on providing only the best, fashionable fancy dress! When Layla first emailed us for help, she wanted:

"Either a Bat Girl Costume or Sexy Cat Girl Costume for Liverpool Pride - the bolder the better!"

We emailed over a few ideas (not too cartoony, not too tacky and above all super sexy!) and finally decided on this show stopping all-in-one cat girl costume:

This sexy Cat Girl Costume was ordered in from America especially for Layla! After a few scary delays at customs (EEK!) the costume finally arrived the week before the event. The outfit was made up of skin tight, leather-look jumpsuit with a sexy zip up front and matching belt. The costume featured a super sexy backless top and the outfit was finished off with a black cat girl mask.

If anyone can pull off this fancy dress costume it's the gorge Layla! The former Scousewife is known for her high profile modelling jobs and is never seen looking less than fabulous:

The TV star opted for smokey eye make up with a bouffant hair do - perfect for a sexy Cat Woman! Ready for action at Liverpool Pride with her fellow Super Scousewives!

You can get the very same Cat Girl Costume as worn by Layla online at Girly Night Out. Simply click here to check it out!

If you need a fancy dress outfit, who you gonna call?? Girly Night Out!

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