How to make your old clothes feel new again

Fast fashion is a huge contributor to climate change and water pollution. We want our clothing to be worn over and over rather than contribute to the ever growing mass of clothing in landfills. But we get that the same thing again and again can get pretty boring... So, here's some super easy tips on how to make your old clothes feel new again!


This might be an obvious one, but the way you style your clothes can really change them! Our t-shirts can be worn and tied in so many different ways. Tie it and secure it in the front with a bobble for a pulled in ruched look or tuck it into your bra strap for an easy crop without the commitment. I also use a bobble to tie the extra fabric of a t-shirt at the back and cover it with a jacket to give a fitted tee look! On top of this, no pun intended, layering your clothes with items you might not have previously thought about can really create an entirely new look. I love a high neck, long sleeve under a t-shirt or dress.

personalised year t-shirt from Rock On Ruby


This one is perfect for when you get a pull or hole in your fave item of clothing. You can just add a cute little embroidered flower over it to cover the hole. Even if your clothes aren't damaged, it's a great way to add your own touch to an item. We loved Fashion Influx's embroidered jeans so had to give it a go! I decided to play off the saying "wear your heart on your sleeve" and embroidered a little red heart to match the red text on our personalised year sweatshirt.

personalised year sweatshirt jumper from Rock On Ruby

Dye and Bleach

Tie dying and bleach dying is so popular on Tiktok right now. It looks sick and is so fun to do so why wouldn't it be?! To bleach dye just wet the piece of clothing, wring it out and then twist it/ swirl it around. Then secure it with some elastic bands and cover it in bleach - don't forget to do both sides! Wait about an hour or so, put it in the wash and there you have it! Head over to our Tiktok to see how we created this bleach dye jumper!

upcycled Bleach Tie Dye sweater from Rock On Ruby

If tie dye isn't really your style though, just simply re-dying your item in a block colour can give it a new lease of life - and cover any stains. This idea would also work so well for those black items of clothing that have faded to grey!

Just take the scissors to it

The easiest of all tips - just cut it. This one is great for when you drop food on your tee - crop it! And it doesn't even take any skill because a raw hem looks great on a cropped t-shirt or sweater. If you want to be fancy you could hem it or, if you want to be that little bit extra, you can use the piece of fabric you cut off to make a matching scrunchie.

Which one are you going to try out?

Bethan, ROR X

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