How to Survive Your First Festival

First time at a Festival?? Don’t Panic!

When Team GNO went to V Festival last year, half of us loved it and the other half…. Well, let’s just say they won’t be doing it again in a hurry! But don’t let that put you off! Going to a festival is one of those “Bucket List” events that you just HAVE to experience at least once!

Girly Night Out Festival Advice

How to survive a Day Festival:

Now our advice to bringing out the “Festival lover” in you, would be to ease yourself in slowly with a day festival. There are plenty of them out there, just do some research! Most day festivals are smaller and won’t offer camping facilities (eg Parklife in Manchester) but the larger ones like V Festival or Leeds/Reading also offer day tickets.


1. Try to pick one that is local to you so that you don’t have to travel a long way at the end of the day. Festival curfews are normally around 11pm so check when the last trains and buses run – unless you have a designated driver!

2. If you do need to stay over for the night, you’ll need to book your accommodation early. No doubt other day-trippers will have the same idea as you so will be eyeing up the same hotels.

3. There’s no need to worry about your hair and make up staying fresh as you’ll be heading home at the end of the day. So why not try something different?! Experiment with braids, hair mascaras and face diamonds to get that festival look!

Girly Night Out Festival Advice
How t
o survive camping at a festival:

It’s all in the mind! No, you probably won’t get much sleep and yes, the toilets aren’t going to be pleasant after day 3... but if you go with the flow and keep an open mind about what you’re going to see and hear, you can DO IT!

The normal reactions are:

  • How will I cope without washing my hair for 5 DAYS??
    Trust us, with a bit of dry shampoo you won't even notice it. If you’re really worried take a hat or tuck greasy strands under a floral headband. Totes on trend.

  • What if I need the toilet in the middle of the night??
    Think of it as an adventure! Keep your wellies near by and pray if doesn't rain. If you're looking enough to have a boyfriend to accompany you to the loo then take advantage of it. If not, you really will need to find your way back to your tent... In the dark. Alone. So make note of a memorable landmark, or (if you're sober enough) count how man steps it takes you to get to the toilets. If you count the same on the way back, you should at least end up in roughly the same area!

  • What festival essentials will I need to take?
    We would highly recommend:
    - Baby wipes
    - A pack of tissues: A handy item which can double up as toilet roll when the Portaloos run out...
    - Hand Sanitizer: A lot of Portaloos don’t have sinks – you WILL need this with you at ALL TIMES.
    - A couple of bin bags: Handy for tidying up your campsite and for putting muddy boots in at the end of the day

  • I’m a Glamper not a camper, what will essentials will I need?
    Do not leave home without:
    - Dry Shampoo, Hair Spray, Sunglasses
    - Look into buying a trolley with sturdy wheels that you can use to transport your gear to your campsite. They do exist and trust us, you will really appreciate it – especially if it’s filled with wine!

  • What if I lose my friends?
    When you arrive at the festival pick a meeting place inside and outside of the arena. That way if you lose your pals and run out of phone battery, you’ll know exactly where to stumble towards.

Girly Night Out Festival Advice

Festival Don’ts!

- Don’t take everything that you own. Yes, you need to prepare for all weathers, but take light layers. When you’re moshing in a crowd it can be surprisingly warm! Take tights that you can wear under shorts if it gets chilly, or a cardigan that you can throw over that tee.

It can be a long walk from the car park to the camp site and you will need to carry a LOT of stuff!

- Don’t take expensive items! Your phone battery will probably die after one day and you really don’t want to lose your mums camera.

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