It's A Pink Friday for Nicki Minaj!

For those of you who have been listening to Radio One this week, you´ll know that Nicki Minaj has been to town!

The American rapper (whose new song is Scott Mill´s Record Of The Week!) has caused quite a stir around London this week.... Taking in the sites in style, Ms Minaj wore a variety of Neon Hair Extensions and Accessories to match her brightly coloured outfits!

Nicki is famed for her crazy hair and clothes combinations, but her large Candyfloss Pink wig seemed a little extreme even for her!

A girl after our own hearts, Nicki has made no secret of her love for all things Pink! The singer fondly nicknames her fans ´Barbies´, in a similar way to how Lady Gaga who calls her fans ´Little Monsters´!

Not only does Nicki regularly wear the fabulous colour but she has recently launched a pink shade of lipstick with MAC Cosmetics and her latest album is called ´Pink Friday´! .

Speaking of her love of colour to a US magazine, Nicki said:

"When I get up in the morning and put on a pink or a green wig, I see myself as a piece of animation," she says. "It lets me be the person I want to be, a person who´s not embarrassed to have fun."

Nicki´s trip to London has been almost as entertaining as the outfits that she wore! Mobbed upon arrival at Heathrow and kicked out of The Dorchester Hotel after her hordes of fans swamped the building... Ms Minaj was forced to find shelter at another (unnamed!) hotel for the rest of her trip!

Add a bit of colour to your life on this fabulously Pink Friday with our very own Neon Wear and Accessories!

Fancy a change of hair style?! Why not add a Neon Wig to your daily wardrobe!? .

Have a great weekend Barbies!

Love, The Girls xx

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