Lads Blog - JLS do Geek Chic!

"Everybody in Love" - with JLS´s Geek Chic Style!

Fresh from celebrating their latest Number One Hit with "Love You More", the JLS Lads are rocking the Geek Chic look - and we couldnt love it any more!!

The boys shot to fame after appearing on last years X Factor and since then the Clubs have been Alive with the sound of their music!

If you think your heart won´t Beat Again unless you get yourself pair of Geek Specs, then get them now from www.­ladsnightout.­co.­uk!!

Geek Specs

Who knows, you could have your very groupies folllowing you around town... Wear your Geek Specs for everyday Geek Chic style or add them to your next Lads Fancy Dress for some brainy fun!

When to wear your geek glasses:

- Skool Geek Fancy Dress, - Blue Gnome Fancy Dress, - Where´s Wally Costume, - As an accessory to your Morphsuit! - Clark Kent style!

Lads Night Out? Sorted!

PS. We challenge you to spot the ´hidden´ JLS song titles in our blog!

PPS. GIRLS!! - If you want to see the ´behind the scenes´ video for the JLS photo shoot then head to now!

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