Our Top 10 Spookiest Halloween Movies!

With just one week to go until the 'big day' (oh yes there is only one big day a year in our eyes!) we are now well and truly in the spooky mood! We have our outfit, courtesy of our amazing Dom and Ink sassy slogans, we are just perfecting our make up (stay tuned to the blog this week for some major inspo) and now all we need is some serious scary movies to really turn up the scare-factor! With literally hundreds of films to choose from, we thought we'd make Halloween scare fest 2017 a little easier, so we've pulled together our 'Top 10' spookiest movies, so you know just what to watch to really get you in the mood!

Scream - With our best selling Halloween slogan coming from this spine-chilling teen horror, we know it's definitely a fave amongst ROR customers. Poor Sidney, if only she hadn't picked up that phone!

Hocus Pocus -  A cult classic and the first time we saw SJP in a major film role; Hocus Pocus has remained a Halloween must have since it's release way back in 1993 (we officially feel old!). With rumours of a remake in the works, we may all have to get used to 3 new witches on the block!

The Addam's Family - Bringing back the childhood memories; it can't be Halloween without someone dressing up as Christina Ricci's Wednesday! This blast from the past is definitely a family favourite and get way to get the younger generation in to the scary movie obsession!

The Blair Witch Project - Yup, we still remember the rumours of this being real! With this first of its kind documentary style horror flick, that well and truly kept us from camping in the woods forever - you can't beat this edge of your seat favourite to really get in the spooky mood!

The Sixth Sense - Okay, so this was only truly incredible, if you managed to get to watch it without someone spoiling the end. But this mysterious movie got everyone talking, and the gory secret was only revealed at the end, which made this a must watch a true horror hero!

Texas Chainsaw Massacre - If it's blood and guts you want this Halloween, then you need this creepy classic! If you can manage to watch it without hiding behind a pillow (just me?!) then you are well and truly a Halloween champion!

The Craft - Like mean girls, but with witchcraft! Yes, this ghoulish drama sees a group of girls start to practice spells and create positions, all with the aim of harming the people that have upset them. Dark and sultry this film will leave you wanting more!

Scary Movie - Another teen classic horror with a twist. Scary movie makes fun of all the...scary movies! With lots of famous faces making a cameo, we can't help but love a bit fun with our ghoulish gore!

IT - Whether it's the original 1990's version, on the remake released just in time for Halloween 2017, this flick that will well and truly having you keeping the lights on at night. This psychological thriller involves Pennywise the Clown (what could be more terrifying!) murdering children in a small US town - fun!

The Exorcist - Perhaps the most famous horror in the genre; The Exorcist was originally banned in several US states for fear that it was just too terrifying. This gory, haunting horror is a hard watch, but practically PERFCT for Halloween!

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