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We love getting to know the people wearing our products here at Rock On Ruby. That's why we started a series of ROR Introducing posts! Click here to read the @teddybearmedic post if you missed it! A few weeks ago we got to catch up with Hannah Shaw AKA @styledbyhannie and here's what went down!

styled by hannie ethical clothing inspiration interview with rock on ruby

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Hi Hannie! Stating the obvious here, but we love your style! Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Hey I’m Hannie! At the minute I’m on furlough, but my normal day job is a sales floor lingerie merchandiser! I graduated last year in Fashion Design & Technology and the dream job is to be a Fashion Stylist / Content creator / have a job in Social media.

I’d probably describe my style as a bit of everything? I’d kinda say "if I like it then I will wear it!"

If you were a pizza topping what would you be?

Anything veggie… I love a bit of colour

What has been your favourite trend of Summer 2020?

Big sleeves and pastel colours! I am absolutely obsessed!

styled by hannie interview with rock on ruby


What is your top-tip for getting more wear out of your favourite garments?

I tend to live by the care label on my clothes (I blame my degree and how often we were told how important they are) so I will only wash and iron them at the temperature stated or I hand wash them if the weather is nice and just leave them to drip dry! I find this the best way to make them last longer.

I also always feel sentimental towards my wardrobe (sad I know haha) but because I love the item so much or it cost a lot of money I tend to take more care. I find ways to rewear all my clothes either by layering them OR by adding jewellery etc, that way I really make them last.

How has 2020, covid and lockdown changed the way you shop / dress?

I’ve definitely started to spend more time looking at where my clothes are made, the quality of them and even spending a bit more money on certain items.

I’m the online shopping queen though! How I’ve dressed throughout covid is nothing like my Instagram! You’ll find me wearing joggers and a tee on the days I don’t leave the house but making more of an effort when I go out.

What is the one thing you can't leave the house without?

Other than my phone, I’d probably say a hair clip / scrunchie. My hair drives me absolutely insane, usually half way through the day.

Lastly, can you suggest a feel-good song that you love for our ROR Playlist?!

Madonna - Like a Prayer (my all time favourite song)

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We loved speaking to Hannie! Check out her account here and click here to steal her style and shop your own personalised, birth flower t-shirt.

What would you add to the ROR feel good playlist?

Bethan ROR xx

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