ROR Upcycle: DIY Reusable Cotton Pads

We're back at it again. We're doing another super easy upcycle.

I stopped using makeup wipes a while ago partly because they weren't helping my skin but also because of their environmental impact. However, doing that meant that I've been using a lot more cotton rounds. They may be better but they're still only single use. So, this week I'm using our trusty mis-printed pride t-shirt again to sew my own reusable cotton rounds.

easy diy tutorial for sustainable resuable cotton rounds from rock on ruby

You will need...

fabric - I'm using a cotton t-shirt as well as a cut off from one of our sweatshirts


sewing machine (or needle and thread)

something circular or a compass

diy cotton rounds made from scrap fabric from rock on ruby

So, once you've decided on your fabric, use a glass, or anything circular really, to mark out the shape. To be honest though you can make them literally any shape you want.

how to make reusable cotton pads from an old rock on ruby t shirt

Cut out your shapes. I went for circles but really it doesn't matter - you'll get more from your fabric if you go for squares.

tutorial for diy reusable cotton rounds from rock on ruby

Put your two pieces of fabric together with the right sides facing out - we're not going to be flipping these ones round. I decided to use one side fleece (from the sweatshirt) and one side cotton (from the t-shirt). Then sew them together using a zig zag stitch. Have one stitch hit the fabric while the other goes off the edge. This would work even better if you have an overlocking foot but I don't so we make do! The other option is to sew a blanket stitch by hand.

diy reusable cotton pads for make up tutorial from rock on ruby

And then you're done! Super easy and very useful. Plus, they're better for your wallet and the environment!

tutorial for how to sew diy reusable cotton rounds from rock on ruby diy reusable cotton rounds made from old t shirts and sweatshirt tutorial

I use a little gift bag to put mine in when they go through the wash to help them last longer.

Will you be trying these out?

Bethan ROR xx

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