The 90s Rule

The fashion world is constantly recycling old trends.... Nothing stays “vintage” for long before popping back up in stores! The 90’s changed culture as we know it, and the trends that took place were like nothing before. The decade’s revival has been welcomed with open arms by fashionistas everywhere.

In 1990, shoes were chunky and floral prints were loud. Today, we are seeing sky high platforms of all kinds! And, not only are large prints back, they are impossible to ignore. Girls and guys all over the world are dyeing their hair punk colors, and treating grunge like a religion.

Waistbands are higher whilst shirt length becomes shorter. Also, we will never forget the Lisa Frank school supplies that was a must have for all 90’s girls! Tattoo chokers have become a thing of tomorrow, and they are not just for kids anymore... Pop stars are still rocking bindi on their foreheads, and fanny packs around their waists. Even hair braiding has resurfaced as its own art form.

Whether you were born in time to witness the awesomeness, or not, it is time to release the inner 90’s kid in all of us. Submerge yourself in the cartoons of the golden years, buy a sheer shirt, and don’t wash your hair, because the 90’s are alive once more.

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