The Best and Worst Bits About Festivals!

Ahh festival season. It comes around so quickly; kicking off with Coachella this month, and leading us all the way until September - more and more of us are embracing the wonderful, yet sometimes terrifying world of outside dancing, live music and lots of drink! Sounds like perfection right? Don't get us wrong, most aspects are great...but don't forget the stumbling around at 4am trying to find your tent in the middle of a muddy field FUN.

You can put glitter EVERYWHERE - Yup, I mean we are big fans of glitter all year round, but festivals = glitter central! Hair, face, body; doesn't matter, just get it on!

Camping...but drunk camping - Oh yes, you may hate camping in general, but add music, vodka and some seriously dubious fast food and you reach a different level of outdoor living!

You can go EXTRA! - And we mean EXTRA EXTRA! Glitter, jewels, tie dye, headdress, pink hair, rainbow make up ANYTHING GOES at a festival!

Skimpy outfits better be your thing...- Yeah, the one thing we hate is wearing a bikini in a wet muddy field. There's something about festivals that makes everyone want to strip off (probably the heat, dirty clothes and alcohol) but really? We can't deal with calling glitter an outfit - we prefer to rock one of our festival collection tees ; )

You can dance like nobody is watching! - There's nothing like a bit of fresh air, that brings out the best dancers! You see some sights at festivals, but the best have to be the people who don't give a damn and DANCE!

UK festival tend to be wet - Yeah, so if like most of us, you aren't off to Coachella, then you're most likely to experience mud on a level you didn't think existed. Wellies are obviously a must have, wet wipes and dry shampoo are good too...

It feels like HEAVEN when you have a shower - You cannot beat the feeling of a fresh, clean shower after a weekend of festival action. You'll have mud in places you couldn't imagine, but when you dry your hair, you'll feel like a new person!

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