The Best Things to Watch During Crimbo Limbo

It's that weird time between Christmas and New Year. You're (hopefully) off work and have no plans. So what else is there to do than put your pjs on and sit in front of the TV?! You've got your snacks, blanket, hot drink... but what do you watch? We're here to save you from another night of endless scrolling. Here's all the best things to watch right now!


Don't Look Up (released 24th December)

I haven't actually seen this yet so please don't blame me if this film is a flop. The cast is full of big names and the film has been talked about a lot already. It's also only been in cinemas 14 days before being released on Netflix so it seems like a safe bet for a good watch, no?

don't look up Jennifer Lawerence and Leonardo dicaprio

Emily in Paris season 2

Emily in Paris is the type of series that we all love to hate. Was the first season good? No, not really. Could we stop watching it? Absolutely not. We will 100% be binge watching this series to see what else Emily gets up to in Pairs.


This might not be the light hearted, easy to watch series that you're looking for in this weird, blurry period of time, but it is a great series. It tells the story of Alex, who is trying to get away from her abusive boyfriend and everything else going on in her life. This is a limited series so you don't need to worry about being left on a cliffhanger and waiting for the next series to come out.

Little Women

The new adaptation of the classic novel has recently been added to Netflix so of course it's one to watch while you're doing nothing else between Christmas and new year!


I'm not normally a fan of war films (and continuous shots usually drive me crazy) but this film is a MUST WATCH! The continuous "one shot" style works so well with the time sensitive story and makes you feel like you're really part of it.

Disney Plus - that aren't Disney films because you know which of those you love already!

The Last Duel

Another new film with a great cast! I'll be honest, it took me half way through the film to realise that one of them was Ben Affleck because there is some odd hair and makeup going on... It is a long film, but the ending is 100% worth it -  it gets sweaty palms kind of tense.

Isle of Dogs

I'll take any excuse to include a cute Wes Anderson film in one of these lists. The stop motion animation is reason enough to watch this cute film but if you're a dog lover it really is a must!

Hidden Figures

I'm sure we've spoken about this film here at ROR before but as long as you haven't seen it we will continue to suggest it!  It tells the story of 3 great women that were a big part of Nasa's history and the gender and racial inequalities they each went through.

Who Framed Rodger Rabbit

A much more light hearted film to the one above, but this 1988 film is still amazing today in terms of the animation and effects so it's still worth the watch in 2021!

The secret life of Walter Mitty

One of my all time favourites! This is a really nice, feel good film with a great soundtrack and amazing cinematography. There is one scene that will convince you that you should try long boarding (even though you have absolutely no coordination or balance).

What will you watch this Crimbo Limbo?

Team ROR


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