The Best Ways To Be Kind To Yourself

2019 is already upon us, and like most people, we're thinking of New Year's resolutions. Well this year, we're taking a leaf out of the wonderful Dom & Ink's book, and are determined to be kinder to ourselves. Many of you know that Dom is our illustrator. He is also an incredible author and LGBTQ activist, who often speaks of how mental health issues can be triggered by social media. We all know not everything we see on Instagram is real life, however, we've all been caught up in comparing ourselves to the instaqueens who are constantly on holiday with their perfect other halves. We find it so easy to put these girls on pedestals, yet when it comes to ourselves, we are super quick to put down our (not happy all the time but still amazing) lives.

Well not any more! Following on from a successful World Mental Health day story at the end of last year; Dom decided to create a highlight on his Instagram page called "Digital Hugs With Dom". Dom has put his two loves together; illustration and mental health awareness and created an incredible place for us to concentrate on our own mental health and start to learn how to be a little kinder to ourselves. We love Dom for many reasons, but the fact he can sit down and do this for other people when he is at a very crucial and busy part of his career just sums him up. He's a star and we wanted to share this incredible story, with his tips and advice on how to have a healthier 2019 mindset!

We're also taking the 'be kinder to yourself' mantra on board this year and have incorporated some positive (yet still sassy) slogans!

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Speaking Your Truth T Shirt - Oh Oprah. you got us again. The queen of self help's post famous quote is now available on our sassy slogan tees! Speaking our truth is our most powerful tool, and this year definitely going to be listening to her!

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