The Inbetweeners Movie - Get Geek Chic!

It seems that all we´ve heard about so far in 2011 are VAT increases, bad weather and money worries. ERGH!

Well! We´ve got a little scoop that will cheer you right up?

The Inbetweeners Movie!!

Our favourite four lads are back! And if the last series didn´t gross you out too much, then be prepared for some more insane action - this time the lads are off to Malia!

(Oh. Dear. God.)

Parts of the script have already been sneakily leaked and scenes are said to include dodgy tattoos, shameless skinny-dipping, "Suicide Shots", cringe-worthy lines and of course, drunken debauchery.

In the film the four boys meet their match with a group of four girls - and so the drama begins?

 - Jay manages to find his first love, with a girl he affectionately refers to as "a fat pig from outer space". Aw?

 - Neil is up to his usual tricks - weeing in the sea, impressing the island with his slick dancing and getting tattooed up (We can´t wait to see the results of that!!)

 - Simon nearly drowns after a boat trip?

- And Will apparently spends much of the holiday with sunburn on his back in the shape of a Willy!?

Only in The Inbetweeners!

The lads have already scooped ?Bizarre Best TV Show Winners? for 2009 and 2010 - Could there be an Oscar on the way now??

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Lads Night Out? Sorted!

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