The story of the magical Rudolphicorn

In the spirit of the holiday season, the team at ROR bring to you a new sassily sparkled creature to honour and adore: the Rudolphicorn. A pretty and fantastical hybrid of our much-loved unicorn and Christmas favourite, Rudolph. He's the best of both worlds - the individuality of our favourite horned pony and the magical Christmas-loving glory of the famour red-nosed reindeer. Find him spreading Christmas cheer and glitter across greetings cards, notebooks, mugs, makeup brush holders and seasonal jumpers galore here at Rock on Ruby. Keep an eye on our social media feeds and our collection updates each week as new products go live. He'll leave you wondering what Christmas was like without him!

In the words of his mystical creator, Dom and Ink, he paints us a pretty picture of this glamourous character...

"Behold the Rudolphicorn, the prince of the skies! He may have antlers and a pretty horn, but he does not care... why? Because he is FABULOUS! With a flick of his antlers and a sass in his stride, prepare to be mesmerised as he takes to the skies!"

Get super festive in true ROR style this year and put a little Rudolphicorn spirit in your life.

Team ROR xx

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