Top 5 Cheap Halloween Fancy Dress Ideas

Ok, let's keep this simple... Here are our Top 5 ideas for a cheap Halloween Costume!

1. Zombie.

We may be stating the obvious here, but you can literally zombify ANYTHING. All you will need is a bottle of fake blood (£2.50 on Girly Night Out) and then get creative! What do you want to be this year? Fireman, Cop, Cheerleader, School girl, Wally, Princess, Prom Queen.... Even the most beautiful fancy dress costumes can be made gorey with a splash of blood and fake wound!

Sexy Zombie Halloween Costumes

2. Miley Cyrus

After THAT VMA's performance, we just know we're going to see tons of Miley Cyrus costumes out there this Halloween. So Twerk it!

What you need to do: Put your hair up in tiny buns, wear our silver leotard and carry a teddy bear. Complete the look with red lippy and don't forget to stick out your tongue!

3. Despicable Minion Costume

We love these little yellow guys!! Their plan to help Gru take over the over the world and steal the moon puts them firmly in the "baddies" category. AND yet we can't resist their cute, quirky ways!

Get the look with our minion fancy dress accessories! Goggle glasses start from just £1.25!!

Minion Fancy Dress Costumes

4. Zombie Wally

Poor Wally's is still roaming the earth even in his after life.... You can get the look really easily with a red and white striped tshirt! You can complete your look with the essential accessories - Wally Specs and Hat and if you want a cheaper option team them with your fave pair of denim shorts!

Zombie Wally Halloween Costumes

5. A Wicked Witch

This really has to be the most simples of simple and cheap fancy dress costumes! Wear your fave LBD and complete your look with the famous Witch accessory - a black hat!

What to do next: Go all out with your make up to make your look totally stand out. Head over to our Pinterest board or to our Halloween Make Up Ideas page to get inspired!

Wicked Witch Costume

Happy Halloween!

Love the GNO Scout XOXO

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