Trend Alert - Neutral Tones

I try not to give in to fast fashion - and all the waste it causes - and so that means not jumping onto every fashion trend that comes in. They change so quickly that by the time you wear the item it's all done and out and on to the next! However, I do sometimes fall for the trending tones of the moment. This summer it was definitely lilac and sage green, and now, as we move into AW20, it's moving toward beige, cream and neutral tones - and I love it. So, when I do get on board with these trends, I go for products that have a classic/­timeless shape so they can still be worn again and again in the future! It's a win win!

So, here's some of my fave neutral toned ROR products - that will last you longer than just the trend!

cream coloured embroidered motivational t shirt from rock on ruby

Embroidered Be You Only You t-shirt in cream

vintage cream white embroidered personalised varsity sweatshirt form rock on ruby

Embroidered Varsity Sweatshirt in Off White

personalised year embroidered jumper from rock on ruby

Personalised Year Sweatshirt in Off White

embroidered motivational you are magic jumper from rock on ruby

Embroidered You Are Magic Cuff Detail Sweatshirt

mini embroidered star t shirt in cream from rock on ruby

Embroidered Mini Star T-Shirt in Cream

Which is your fave?!

Bethan ROR XX

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