Why you should celebrate Valentine's while single

Valentine's Day. The day of love and romance. But who says that love has to be shared with another person for it to be celebrated? 2021 is allll about the self love! You are way to cool to not love yourself - so celebrate it on the 14th! Hey, even if you are in a relationship, we can't all be with the ones we love right now so this can totally apply to you too!

why you should celebrate valentine's day even when you are single

We often make such a big deal of the relationships we have in our lives - friends, family, partners - but rarely the most important one. We're stuck with ourselves through our entire life so you might as well love yourself to the fullest! The relationship you have with your own body and mind is an important one and we should treat it as such!

Okay, so the number one reason you should celebrate valentine's day as a single pringle is you can treat yourself to your idea of the perfect day. No compromises. No discussion. Just whatever YOU want to do.

When was the last time that you took a day just for yourself? No work, no cleaning, no stressing. Just you and whatever you want. I recently read Florence Given's book, Women don't owe you pretty in which she says that if you've never taken yourself out on a date, you really should. I get that isn't quite possible in our current circumstances but you get my drift!

Second is that you can get the Valentine's gift you really want.

Okay I get that it's not quite the same... but take the money that you would have spent on a partner for valentine's day and spend it on something for yourself instead. Go all out and wrap it even! A day where your insta is filled with couples is made a whole lot easier when you're wearing a brand new jumper...

embroidered valentine's always heart cuff sweatshirt from rock on ruby

image via @wolfy.ne on instagram

Plus, as a single person, you can fully throw your yourself into Galentine's day! Get your girls together on zoom for some virtual cocktails to end your perfect day with some laughs and gossip. It's also a great excuse to get dressed up if that's something you've been missing over the last 12 months (I know it is for me!). I've seen so many tiktoks of people's Galentines celebrations that I'm now honestly graving a heart shaped cake and flowy, over-the-top dress.

@nataliezoilagalentine’s day ‍❤️‍‍ #fyp #forthegirls #galentinesday♬ Dream - The Pied Pipers

Basically what I'm saying is don't wait around for someone to take you on the perfect Valentine's date - do it yourself!!

How will you be celebrating?

Bethan ROR xx

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