Celebrity Big Brother Fairytale Fancy Dress

So, Celebrity Big Brother has been on our screens for a week now and despite promising ourselves we wouldn´t get sucked in... we´re totally hooked!

Last nights episode showed the Celebs participating in a Fairytale themed task! One of the American Twins (we´re not sure which) had to choose roles for each of the housemates. Their success at the task then determined how much shopping budget they would have for the house....

And wow, was it entertaining!

We absolutely LOVED the scene in the diary room with American Twin no.1 as Goldilocks and Denise as all three of The Three Bears.

The pair had to discover which porridge was too hot, which was too cold and which was... "just right" Despite not completing the task, the gorgeous ex-playboy bunny looked amazing in her sexy Goldilocks costume.

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The other Celebrity Big Brother housemates dressed up as all manner of magical fairytale beings, including the Three Little Pigs, Red Riding Hood and of course, the Big Bad Wolf!!

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Lots of Love,

The Girls xx

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